Class Requirements

  • Bring your receipt from TXDPS online CHL registration
  • Bring your L1 Identity Solutions receipt
  • Bring your 2 passport photos (2x2 inches)
  • TX Drivers License
  • Bring $125 cash for new license students/ $70 for renewal students

NOTE: Please make sure you leave your handgun secured in your vehicle during the class session.

Range Requirements

What you need to bring?
  • Handgun needs to be .32 cal or larger
  • 50 rounds of matching ammo
  • Eye and ear protection (range typically can supply)


I would STRONGLY suggest you be familiar with the handgun you are using to qualify.  I would also suggest you dress accordingly as the range we use is in Dallas is outdoors. (Fort Worth location is indoors)  Most students prefer long pants and closed toe footwear for basic range comfort.   

Remember if you qualify with a revolver you can only carry a revolver.  If you qualify with a Semi Automatic (SA) handgun you may carry either a revolver or a SA handgun!